I have a few questions about MASON that I have been having a hard time  
finding answers to anywhere online and I was hoping someone could help  
me out.

Does MASON have any built in functionality for the basic elements of  
an Agent execution cycle?
Updating knowledge base
Does MASON have any built in functionality to handle any of the common  
simulations, agents, or tools listed below?

•Simulated Entities
–Living thing: humans or animals
–Physical entity: artifacts, like a machine or a robot, or natural  
–Organization: an enterprise, a group of persons, and other entities  
composed by a set of individuals
•Agent Types
–Simple reflex
•Built in Communication via
•Environment: is an agent is dependent to its local environment,  
either spatially or logically?
•Mobility: can an agent migrate between machines.
Adaptivity: agent learning

Thank you kindly,
Hudson Thrift