still work? I've just installed Update 2 and Java 2D seems fine with  
this vm argument. Of course its a pig without..

But it would be nice to not have to.. are you forcing programmatically  
at runtime? If so, please share the recipe.. :)

On Sep 25, 2008, at 9:43 PM, Sean Luke wrote:

> Been seeing HeatBugs and Ant slow down to molasses-level speeds  
> lately?  You're probably on MacOS X Leopard.  As part of releasing  
> Java 1.6, Apple's been migrating from its Quartz-based Java2D  
> graphics renderer to Sun's OpenGL-based renderer.  Problem is, Sun's  
> renderer is much slower.  Even more of a problem: Apple has recently  
> moved to do this by default for 1.5 as well, and on 1.5, Sun's  
> renderer is _really_ pathetic.
> I have made a few modifications to MASON so that Java is forced to  
> use the Quartz renderer on Macs.  Things are now back to acceptable  
> speeds.  These modifications are on CVS along with other recent  
> changes.  If you would like a snapshot and can't do CVS, let me know.
> Sean