Dave, this is cool to hear.

So there are three levels we can do this at:

1. At the very least I can put a link to your stuff on the ECJ web page.
2. We can host the code in the 'contrib' directory.  You'd be in charge 
of it.
3. We can import the code into the main ECJ distribution.  To do this, 
the code has to match ECJ coding norms and design standards (and be good!)

What do you think?


David wrote:
> Sean,
> I am putting the finishing touches on a rudimentary implementation of 
> Cartesian Genetic Programming (CGP) for ECJ.  CGP is a genetic 
> programming technique invented by Julian Miller - more information 
> here:
> I am interested in submitting my implementation to the ECJ code base.  
> If this is agreeable to you, I was thinking of placing my implementation 
> under the "contrib" directory.  My hope is that others can improve and 
> build on this work.
> I've run a handful of test problems with this CGP implementation: 
> Even-n-parity, regression, breast cancer classifier, and the classic 
> Iris species classifier.  I would include these as sample 
> implementations in the contribution.
> Let me know what you think!
> Regards,
> -Dave