Very interesting!  I'll look into it further: we may need to do similar 
things for the distributed evaluator.  Throw me some of your changed 
code to speed things up.


Tomasz Nowak wrote:
> Hi,
> I had a problem with island parallelization on genetic programming. I
> could only migrate 
> there is a problem with IslandExchange class. Servers and clients use
> InetAddress.getLocalhost() method that returns on some
> operating systems (most Linux distributions are affected). So the
> islands are told to connect to on multiple ports, because the
> other side told them it is listening on "ConnectionException:
> Connection refused" appears on console.
> I fixed the problem easily: I replaced all InetAddress.getLocalhost()
> calls with my own function call, defined exactly the way found at 
> 3C1066089445.1204637680849.JavaMail.jira@brutus%3E
> This problem with getLocalHost() got "will not fix" status on Sun's
> bugtracker.
> Best regards,
> Tomasz Nowak