It is worth mentioning that some of the StupidModels are  
unfortunately coded, are lacking understanding of certain MASON  
notions of model-building, and are missing certain MASON features  
(like histograms).  I had a long discussion with the authors prior to  
publication about this, but it doesn't appear to have been reflected  
in the article.  I even rewrote the code for them.  Oh well.  Maybe  
at some point I'll rewrite it again...

The schedule constructor change is long overdue -- it was deprecated  
for two years.  But yes, it's the thing that breaks most old models  
though it's *really* easy to fix.


On Aug 1, 2008, at 1:33 PM, JP de Vooght wrote:

> Hello folks,
> Please note I am really new to the framework so bear with me if  
> what I post is totally obvious or silly beyond hope.
> I have refreshed by previous mason-12 with mason-13 code.
>          New version broke StupidModels and SugarScape due to  
> Schedule constructor change which no longer supports int as  
> argument. I simply removed all instances of parameters passed to  
> constructer and all seems fine.
>          Jungnetwork demo ran fine without changes.
> - JP
> URLs:
> StupidModel
> SugarScape 
> MASON_Sugarscape.html
> Jung/Mason