As I understand, when using Master-Slave evaluation the Master generates 
a seed from the wallclock and sends it to the slaves.  As a result, the 
runs are not repeatable regardless of the timings of evaluation by the 
slaves.  Can I change this so that the slaves are given seeds from their 
parameter files, or from the Mersenne Twister in the Master?  Please 
could you let me know the rationale behind the decision to use the 
wallclock, I know you will have one! 

If we choose to farm out evaluations with max_jobs_per_slave set to M/N 
(M = pop size, N = slaves), and we had control over the seeds of the 
slaves, wouldn't we be able to perfectly replicate an individual run?  
For me, this would be more important than efficiency (especially 
considering my slaves are almost identical).



David R White

Research Student
Department of Computer Science
University of York
York YO10 5DD
United Kingdom