Actually it's been running stably and elegantly for a while now, but  
it's on CVS, not a snapshot yet.  Yeah, yeah, yeah, we gotta get a  
snapshot out.  :-)  Not much documentation yet either, though we're  
available for discussion.

If you need a copy and can't get it off of CVS, let me know and I can  
tar one up and throw it at ya.


On Jun 12, 2008, at 3:28 PM, Shane wrote:

> Sean,
> A while back you mentioned a new version of ecj that would have  
> asynchronous evals.  I am looking forward to this, since my  
> problems have long eval times.  It would be nice to have multiple  
> processes/computers working on them in parallel.  Would you please  
> give me an update on your progress?
> Shane