I'm running a 2D display where I want to use an image as a background
for the simulation. The image is a landsat PNG file that I want to use
as to give some "terrain effects" to the simulation. 

My idea is to use an IntGrid2D object to represent the terrain field.
The IntGrid2D object would be simply a grid with exactly one cell in it
- set to 1 incidently.

Then, my cunning plan such as it, is to use a FastValueGridPortrayal2D
object configured to use an ImagePortrayal2D object for all values
stored in the IntGrid2D object.

Except it's not doing what I expect - just a simple white background is
being shown. Debugging shows that the objects configure as I expect, the
image loads correctly into the ImageIcon object, etc...

So, is this the best way to go about this and perhaps someone has an
idea about what might be happening to my nice landsat terrain...?

Many thanks in advance.

Shane Magrath

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