hope this software is still alive ;-)

Everything worked right out of the box, except some naming conflict - 
Java 6 introduces also some kind of console.
Simulation runs fine, no problem.
But I am having trouble with adding a 
TimeSeriesChartingPropertyInspector. I would like to display some 
property of my agents
in a timeseries chart. There is a TimeSeriesChartingPropertyInspector in 
the source, but it is never referenced. Searching the mailing list 
didn't help much either. Could you help me out? How to display variables 
of agents in a proper way?

Thanks in advance!

with kind regards,

Bjoern Raupach
Information Technology Group
Department of Engineering, KaHo Sint-Lieven
Gebr. Desmetstraat 1, B-9000 Gent, Belgium
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