During a run, I write out the result of the makeCTree method provided by 
ECJ (along with a preamble / postamble) to create a valid source file.  
For tree nodes that require it, I override the makeCTree method in the 
relevant node class.  This works nicely for Java and C. 

Numbering these output source files sequentially then enables automated 
evaluation using a shell/Python script and/or a standalone class for 



Shane wrote:
> The way I do it is in the Evaluate method I use a modified "ECJ to 
> Java" to generate java code from the individual and write it out to a 
> java file.  Then I compile the java file to a class file and copy it 
> into the appropriate folder and call a function in a library that 
> executes the code and calculates the fitness.  The fitness value is 
> returned back to the Evaluate method.

David R White

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