> In a related matter: I have a rather lengthly setup process for my
> > simulation (start() method in SimState reads plenty of data from
> > disk). I noticed that when running in GUI mode, I can sometimes
> > hang the whole process by clicking / focusing / resizing / moving
> > some of the windows (controller or displays) when simulation sets
> > up. Sometimes this would also happen during runtime. Is there a
> > simple fix to it?
> I'm interested in seeing this happen.  Moving or resizing windows
> causes repaint events, window events, and mouse events.  Thing is,
> start() is called in the simplest way possible: when you press the
> Play button.  This of course happens inside a mouse event in the GUI,
> in a single thread, so you I think it should be impossible for MASON
> to receive events and thus hang in any weird way.
> This means that either a queued up collection of mouse or window
> events is freaking out MASON *after* start() has completed
> (unlikely), or that it's a bug in your Java implementation (more
> likely -- are you using Windows?  Have you tested on Linux and/or
> MacOS X?)

I'm get the freeze with example models as well, when using Windows XP (JRE
1.6 and latest JDK 1.5). I have tried to replicate the error on OS X,
fortunately everything works fine there.