Hi All,

I'm really enjoying using ECJ - it's a wonderfully sophisticated  

First off - I think the Step function in the ECSuite is implemented  
incorrectly and leads to a min that's actually below 0 (ie, fitness  
becomes > 0) - it should be using Math.abs instead of Math.floor.

Secondly, I was wondering whether there's a best practices guide when  
it comes to using GA with ECJ. The basic GA set is useful, but it  
looks like there's many different ways to implement it (Simple, Steady  
State, DE, Coevolution, Mu-Lambda, etc). Are any of these techniques  
on average better than others? If that question is a little too broad,  
then which of the aforementioned methods (or any of the others  
included in ECJ) performs best on the ECSuite set of functions? When I  
say "best" I guess I'm talking on-average best result for a given  
number of evolutions.

Are there any papers, websites or any other documentation which  
compare all of these techniques?