Dear Glen,

I've been working on distributed simulation of agent-based systems for 
some time.
If you're interested in the general issues (not specifically MASON, Grid 
etc) there is plenty of literature, I can pass you some if you are.

I should point out that cluster and grid computing are quite different 
and have different benefits and drawbacks.

If you're interested in the latter then I have actually developed a 
bacteria simulation using MASON which uses HLA and Globus(Grid) to run 
in both WAN and LAN environments. If you're interested you can find out 
more here...

If you have some specific/general questions I'd be happy to try and help


Glen E. P. Ropella wrote:
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> What toolchains do y'all use for parallelizing your MASON simulations?
> Note that I'm not talking about multi-processor machines but clusters or
> loose collections of networked machines.
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