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Maciej M. Latek on 12/06/2007 05:48 PM:
> That is very interesting issue you raise. I understand you are interested in
> fine-grained distributed memory applications: I have experimented recently
> with Proactive.  While learning curve might be steep (which is not helped by
> [...]
> What scale of simulation are we talking about that a decent 8 core desktop
> with plenty of RAM is not enough?

Thanks for the lead to Proactive.  I'll take a look at it.

Most of my work these days is in biological modeling, which means ~100s
of thousands of relatively homogenous agents per simulation.  Coarse
grained simulation (the kind manageable by "shell scripts and rsh",
though I prefer MPI) has worked for me so far.  But, I'm about to embark
on a project that might require a much more fine granularity, or more
accurately multi-grain hierarchical agents.  I'm just looking for an
evolutionary path to bridge from the current grain to the finer grain.

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