Glen, I've gone back to our code, and it looks correct.  I even  
verified it by examining the GroupRetained implementation (grossly  
inefficient, BTW, just as I had thought :-(  ), and it indeed is an  
ArrayList that gets shortened from the top with stuff shifted down to  
fill the deleted object's spot.  See: 

So I'm at a loss.  Any chance you could come up with a reduced  
example that exhibits the bug?  I'd really like to see one.


On Oct 12, 2007, at 6:43 PM, Glen E. P. Ropella wrote:

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> Sean Luke wrote:
>> This has got to be a bug in SparseFieldProtrayal3D's updateModel
>> method.  I can see all sorts of evil places where there's likely a  
>> bug
>> there -- the number one possibility is that globalTG.removeChild 
>> (t) may
>> be operating in the middle of the for-loop over  
>> globalTG.numChildren(),
>> which is probably not wise.  :-)
>> Unfortunately, I do not have enough time to look at this code and  
>> debug
>> it for a week or more (grant proposal deadline).  Gabriel might have
>> time possibly.
> OK.  I'll spend some time trying to track it down.  If I find  
> anything,
> I'll post it.  Thanks!
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