I'm sorry Bo, I've had no experience with FLT files.  However I  
believe that you can probably do:

import sim.portrayal3d.*;

SharedGroup sg = new SharedGroup();
SharedGroupPortrayal3D sgp3d = new SharedGroupPortrayal3D(sg);

 From there you can use sgp3d as a simple portrayal in MASON's 3D  
code.  Note that SharedGroupPortrayal3D is not pickable -- you can't  
select it or inspect it.


On Oct 11, 2007, at 5:30 AM, Bo Liu wrote:

> Hi,
>     I have some trouble with Mason. The problem is my agents are  
> some file liking  *.flt,  I want to  loading  them into Mason. I  
> have OPENFLT LOADER from J3D.
> To load *.flt into Mason. The program is:
> ......
> FltLoader fltLoader;
> String fileName="example.flt";
> Scene s=null;
> s=fltLoader.Load(fileName);
> ......
> And then I want to add my example.flt to Mason.  How to do it?
> Boboo
> 2007.10.11