Dear all,

Lately I have been using SPEA2 for a bankruptcy prediction problem. 
Everything seemed to work fine but once I got to analyse the final 
population of one of my runs the results didn't match what I expected to 

According to the documentation the archive is maintained at the top block 
of the individuals vector. Since I was getting "Truncating the archive" 
messages on the screen, I assumed that the archive would be filled with 
non-dominated individuals. That was not the case. In the top block of the 
population non-dominated individuals and dominated individuals were all 
mixed and furhter below the archive size limit (out of the archive) there 
were non-dominated individuals. Summarizing, in the final population of my 
run I could find more than 300 non-dominated individuals (settings for 
population size and archive size were 1000 and 100, respectively) and only 
around 50 of them were placed at the top 100 position of the individuals 

Any help? Where am I going wrong?

Thank you,