Yes, there is a conflict with the introduction of but you do
not have to go back to Java 5...always go forward. What you can do is to
implicitly import the console by adding the following in your header in the (or wherever there is a conflict):

	import sim.display.Console;

I hope that resolves the problem.

NCORE, RSMAS-Univ. of Miami

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If you're seeing 'console' errors, then you must be using Java 6, not  
Java 5.

In their wisdom, Sun created a class called "Console" in   
We'll have to resolve the ambiguity by referring to Console in  
Display3D and Display2D etc. using 'mason.sim.display.Console'  
instead of 'Console'.  Sadly, we're on Macs and don't have JDK 1.6;  
but you can do this by hand for the moment, it's not too tough.  Or  
backup to Java 5.


On Aug 9, 2007, at 4:48 AM, kylin wrote:

> Dear Sir:
>         I am a new comer to mason ,and today I am trying to build the
> jars of mason and the other utilities ,the classpaths are set.but
> still error as
> //////////////////////////////////////////////////////
> Severity and Description	Path	Resource	Location	
> Creation Time	Id
> The type Console is ambiguous	mason/sim/display3d	
>	line 364	1186585142906	10043
> //////////////////////////////////
> I am using jdk 1.5 under window
> thank  you!
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