> I've been gradually building up my skills with ECJ Genetic Programming
> with some success. However, I wondering if there are some examples
> available of how to use the ADF features of ECJ?
> A tutorial would be outstanding - I'm even happy to write it once I 
> get competent in it :)
> Thanks in advance


Try to read, run and inspect the examples provided in the distribution
in /ecj/ec/app/. The parameter files are sort of the starting point.
Have a look at:
/parity/adf.params -- two ADFs that don't call one another
/twobox/adf.params -- only one ADF
/lawnmower/adf.params -- first (number 0) ADF has no arguments, the
other ADF can call the first

As far as I know there are no separate tutorials for ADFs, but going
through the above examples will help to understand how the ADFs are
approached in ECJ.