If you need to read and work with vector GIS, you might find following scrap code useful:

If you would rather see first if this is what you desire, there is a huge zip file that includes a self contained jar file and some shapefiles. The simulation itself is very simplistic, it is composed of reading in the landscape (regions) defined in shapefile, recreating contiguity tables and having a number of agents move from one region to another randomly chosen neighbour. Depending on a system, use *.bat or *.sh to launch it. Please ignore all errors, it should launch regardlessa of them.

We have improved on this, but the code is in a private cvs and I'm out of the DC on a conference and don't have regular Internet access. Nevertheless, \should you have any questions I will try to assist.



On 6/7/07, steven citron-pousty < [log in to unmask]> wrote:
Greetings all:
I notice in the latest release letter that GIS was not ready for prime-time. Is there a sand-box location where I can get access to these files. I need to start reading GIS files to create my "obstacles" and my surfaces. The time frame for starting this work is in the next week or so.
Any help is greatly appreciated...