Generally you don't need to sign jar files or do anything like that  
unless you expect to allow the applet to read and write files on the  
person's local computer.  In that case, you probably shouldn't be  
doing an applet anyway, but instead distributing an application.

The descriptions you're providing are not sufficient to know what's  
happening -- we don't know what the actual java error messages are.

Try running the HTML file with appletviewer and see what comes out.   
appletviewer is a standard program that comes with the java  


On Jun 27, 2007, at 1:45 PM, Michael Makowsky wrote:

> I'm getting an "applet notinited" "Loading Java Applet Failed"  
> error just trying to open the prefab SimApplet html file that comes  
> loaded with mason. I've make a jar out of the whole library and  
> placed it in the directory with the jar file, I've also made  
> "light" versions of the jar, but I keep getting the same error.  
> There is a note in the html source code that their could be a  
> security issue and that I might need to "sign" the jar, but I have  
> no idea how to do that.
> All help is appreciated,
> mike
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