I've already talked about this with Mark, and he agreed to license DRM 
under the AFL for the purposes of this project, quoting:

> Alberto, I hereby grant you permission to use DRM source code
> under the AFL for the purposes of your project.

> Mark

Anyway, I think that DRM should continue to be GPL as of now, its 
purpose is more general than being only an ECJ module and there is a lot 
of people other than Mark that could have an opinion on licensing of the 
library. And although it has its own cvs at sourceforge I think it is 
right to have a frozen working version of DRM on contrib.

All the code I produced (ec.drm) is AFL, although comments about it 
should be probably changed.


Sean Luke escribió:
> Alberto, if you're thinking of uploading DRM, you could do that, or 
> you could just have a pointer to Mark Jelasity's site.
> Some gotchas:
> 1. All of Mark's code is GPL.  If you've used some of his code 
> snippets in your own, you can't release as AFL without his 
> permission.  You'd have to release as GPL.
> 2. If your code is GPL, it *must* stay in contrib -- ECJ's main core 
> is 100% AFL.
> 3. If Mark thinks it's okay, I have no problem with the DRM module 
> sitting as a subdirectory inside your contrib space (drm/drm maybe?)
> Sean