Alberto, if you're thinking of uploading DRM, you could do that, or  
you could just have a pointer to Mark Jelasity's site.

Some gotchas:

1. All of Mark's code is GPL.  If you've used some of his code  
snippets in your own, you can't release as AFL without his  
permission.  You'd have to release as GPL.

2. If your code is GPL, it *must* stay in contrib -- ECJ's main core  
is 100% AFL.

3. If Mark thinks it's okay, I have no problem with the DRM module  
sitting as a subdirectory inside your contrib space (drm/drm maybe?)


On Apr 19, 2007, at 11:13 AM, Alberto Cuesta wrote:

> Hi Sean, I've finally uploaded my drm module to the cvs. Code was  
> of course modified until it needed no modification of the main ecj  
> code base, although you can always pick some parts for ECJ17 ;)
> The question now is how and where should I upload the drm framework  
> this module works with.
> Cheers,
> Alberto