Hi Bob.  See my response to Alberto as to options for hosting --  
previously you were interested in getting these guys in the main ECJ  
base, but there are some significant hurdles ordinarily one would  
need to overcome to do that (because of our anal-retentiveness WRT  
consistency and orthogonality).  If you think you've met them (or can  
meet them), let's look into it.  Else, pick an contrib option and  
we'll go with it!


On Mar 21, 2007, at 8:33 AM, Orchard, Bob wrote:

> I've enclosed 2 zip files that have an implementation of the gep  
> (Gene Expression
> Programming) evolutionary system. One file is for ecj version 16  
> and the other for
> ecj version 15. The documentation explains the details.
> Sean ... these files represent a minor update from the ones I sent  
> to you
> a little while ago. Would it make sense to use the ECJ CVS to keep  
> these up to
> date and easily available?
> Bob Orchard
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