Sean Luke escribió:
> I've put the current CVS repository out as ECJ 16.  It's been almost a 
> year!
> I'll make an official announcement in a bit, when I get MASON out the 
> door too.  In the meantime, if you have something like you'd like to 
> put on contrib (for the time being), let me know and I'll stick it on 
> the website.  I'd like some pointers to modules people have done 
> extending ECJ in one way or another.
> Sean
Hi Sean, congratulations for the new version!

Maybe you remember I was working in an island-over-P2P version for ECJ. 
It works right now although it could benefit of some testing. I'm 
working right now to develop also a master/slave version of ECJ over the 
same platform. Do you think I could use the ECJ CVS for these projects?

Alberto Cuesta