I'd like to add the code to the ECJ base, but it would take a lot of work.
- ec.drm uses and compiles in java 5.0. I'd like to code it back to 1.3 
eventually though.
- ec.drm uses the drm library. Best approach here would be to host a 
snapshot of drm in the ECJ webpage (a snapshot which is known to be 
stable with ec.drm).
- ec.drm doesn't conform yet to the ECJ style, but I'd like it to do it.

So, I'll choose better a contrib directory and work towards more 
compatibility with standard ECJ code. Maybe for ECJ 17 or 18 it could be 
part of it. :)

I've registered to java.net with the alcueca username, with a Developer 
role (is that right?).