Hello Sean,

sorry for taking so long to respond, but we started term this last week here
in Vienna, and I barely had time to check my mail.
What a week.

>> I know that you can add distributed support to Repast Models quite
>> easily.
> Gunther, could you elaborate on this?
Hazel Parry (http://www.geog.leeds.ac.uk/people/h.parry/)
gave a talk on this a couple of months ago here in Vienna - she
used MPI from lam-mpi.org and a Java wrapper from hpjava.org.

So it wasn't out of the box repast support, she probably had to restructure
considerably - but it works ;-)

I guess you can do this with MASON too. Have you thought about integrating
parallel support right into mason? Are there reasons against doing this?

Of course, considering the MPI overhead, using a parallel simulation
only makes
sense if you go real big ;-)

Kind Regards and sorry again for the lag,