Hello Sean,

Sean Luke wrote:
> I *thought* that "easily" might not be the right term.  :-) :-)
Indeed :-)

> So, long story short, you *could* do a distributed thing in MASON (I
> might look at JavaSpaces rather than MPI),
Thanks for the tip, I will look at that.
> Here's the SMD support MASON has right now:
>     - MASON's model core is self-contained.  This means you can run
> simultaneous, independent MASON simulations in parallel in separate
> threads on the same process.  We do that a lot.
>     - MASON's model serializability allows us to build a model on one
> processor, then ship it to a remote machine to be processed, then ship
> it back.
>     - MASON has synchronous multithreaded agents: a Steppable can
> subdivide itself into several Steppables, running each in parallel,
> then gathering them at the end.  See ParallelSequence.
>     - MASON has asynchronous agents: A Steppable can be fired off to
> work independently of the Schedule, and be gathered at a later time
> (or not at all).  See AsynchronousSteppable.
Thanks for the overview. I may not even need model parallelism, but
somehow I'm fascinated
with the concept ;-)

Best Regards,