Hi Everyone,

I'm new to using Mason although I've been using Repast and NetLogo  
for awhile.  I really like Mason's separation of the code for the  
simulation versus the visualization and decided to use it for a new  
project I'm working on.  I've worked through the tutorials, how-to's,  
and archives and have a question about basic design.

What is the cleanest way to have the number of ticks the schedule is  
to run be a parameter that is set by the user either in the GUI  
interface or from a command-line call to the simulation?  Would it be  
better to write my own doLoop (ala, tutorial 1/2) or would is there a  
way to cleanly use the doLoop method in your main but have the number  
of ticks passed by the command-line call or by the GUI?



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