On Sep 28, 2006, at 6:20 AM, GŁnther Greindl wrote:

> One more thing: what I certainly intend to do is distribute the  
> simulation
> in a second step (long term goal); if I use cognitive agents, there  
> will be no
> other way to do simulation sensibly - does MASON lend itself easily  
> to this?

MASON, like RePast and Swarm, was designed as a single-process  
simulation toolkit.  We use MASON primarily in a parallel experiment  
context -- running hundreds of parallel MASON runs on a back-end  
server for optimization.  MASON does not have built-in support for  
distribution of a single experiment over multiple processors with  
message-passing or whatnot.  It *does* have built-in support for SIMD  
multiprocessing, that is, multiple threads in shared memory spread  
over multiple processors.  The relevant items are the  
AsynchronousSteppable and ParallelSequence objects.

> I know that you can add distributed support to Repast Models quite  
> easily.

Gunther, could you elaborate on this?