On Aug 25, 2006, at 10:42 AM, Michael Lees wrote:

> I was curious as to why shuffling of events with the same time-step  
> isn't optional. From reading the Schedule code, the sub steps with  
> the same time-step (and same ordering) are extracted into a bag and  
> randomised using the shuffle method.
> In some situations, particularly debugging it might be preferable  
> to retain the order of sub steps from step to step, or even retain  
> the order in which events were scheduled.
> Would it be possible to just add a flag which is set to indicate if  
> the schedule should be randomised or not, or does something else  
> rely on the assumption of random ordering.

We always randomize because that's all we've ever needed; and it's  
not uncommon for other systems' schedules to do that too of course.   
If you want a straight ordering, just put everybody in a Sequence and  
schedule the Sequence once on the Schedule.  Or assign everyone a  
different ordering.

However if you'd like to remove shuffling, just comment out this line  
in Schedule.java:

                 // shuffle
                 if (substeps.numObjs > 1) substeps.shuffle