Ive created a GP that creates two trees for one
individual. I have two function sets: one for move
commands, and one for kick commands.
 The problem is  i dont know how to get the trees from
the GP into the brain of the Robot class in a form
that the RoboCup soccer server will understand. Below
is an example of one of my functions within the move
function set:

if(ball != null && ball.m_distance > 0.7) 
  if( ball.m_direction != 0 ) 
      m_krislet.turn (ball.m_direction);  
justKicked = false;

When a tree is produced all I can seem to get is the
toString() method of each node within the tree
(normally in the out.stat file)

Does anybody know how I can get a full tree printed
out with the code from all the nodes in the form

Any suggestions welcome, thanks.

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