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> On Aug 22, 2006, at 8:06 PM, Sean Luke wrote:
> > Hi Robert, we're not actively avoiding you! :-) I'm in Kyoto on
> > very limited bandwidth, and Liviu's working on his dissertation
> > (which he's defending in a few days). Liviu's the man you want to
> > have look into this anyway -- he wrote the coevolution code and
> > knows it better than I do. Give him a little while though! :-)
> That's ok :) I finally realized that what I wanted was something like
> CompetitiveEvaluator, but not quite, and something like
> MultiPopCoevolutionaryEvaluator, but not quite. So I wrote my own
> evaluator, just enough to get it working.
> Here it is, for your amusement. Someo ne could probably take it and
> turn it into something worthy of inclusion in ec.coevolve.
> --Rob