On Aug 22, 2006, at 8:06 PM, Sean Luke wrote:

> Hi Robert, we're not actively avoiding you!  :-)  I'm in Kyoto on  
> very limited bandwidth, and Liviu's working on his dissertation  
> (which he's defending in a few days).  Liviu's the man you want to  
> have look into this anyway -- he wrote the coevolution code and  
> knows it better than I do.  Give him a little while though!  :-)

That's ok :) I finally realized that what I wanted was something like  
CompetitiveEvaluator, but not quite, and something like  
MultiPopCoevolutionaryEvaluator, but not quite. So I wrote my own  
evaluator, just enough to get it working.

Here it is, for your amusement. Someone could probably take it and  
turn it into something worthy of inclusion in ec.coevolve.