I'm interested in initializing the initial population by using randomly 
generated individuals at the one hand (using grow, half, or uniform), and 
by reusing individuals from previous optimizations on the other hand. Is 
this basically possible? Is there any documentation about seeding?

As far as I know, when specifying pop.subpop.0.file=$myFile the initial 
population will be created from the individuals from the given file. Why 
is it important to have the fitness value also saved to this file? The 
current optimization could use a different fitness function and hence this 
value would be irrelevant.

Furthermore, I'd like to have an initial population containing 50 
individuals. The seeding file contains only 10 individuals. How can I 
specify that the remaining 40 individuals shall be generated using a 
built-in tree builder (such as grow)?

Thanks for any help,

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