It's worth mentioning that MASON also lets users set up these charts  
on their own, so if you want to be lazy about it, you can just have  
them click on various properties you've created and make their own  

[Oh and BTW: Version 12 on our internal CVS server has histogram  
charts as well :-), but the changes necessary to make that possible  
will require very small modifications to the demo code provided in  
howto.html; you should find the changes trivial.]


On May 4, 2006, at 1:23 PM, Mike Little wrote:

> Mike,
>   Hmm, while I did not get around to actually setting up JFreeChart
> for an earlier version of Mason, I had no problem following the
> tutorial suggestions and getting a chart up and going for version 11.
> While I would describe my code as well functioning, clean it is not
> as it contains lots of non-chart functionality.