I need more information before I can put my finger on it, but here's my
first guess:

We might have release an archive of ECJ with a .project
file in it. The file is the eclipse property file for the ecj project on
my machine.

//Normally ".project" is mentioned in my ".cvsignore", so I
//don't commit it to the CVS repository and people don't check-out it.

But if you downloaded an ecj archive, then you might have it.

If you got that file, then Eclipse is looking for jar files (using the
paths on my machine). Chances are the jars are not there ;), so Eclipse
aborts the building process.

To fix it, right click on the project, select
"properties", "java build path", "libraries". If you don't believe in
libraries (:P), then you should only see a "JRE..." item and no external

Hope this helps. Otherwise, maybe we should take this offline, and I'll
just post the final solution when we do fix the problem.

Gabriel Balan.

On Wed, 31 May 2006, Gerard Rendell wrote:

> I am trying to build Tutorial4 within eclipse, and I keep getting circular
> references  aka...ana example
> The project cannot be built until build path errors are resolved
>  ec.coevolve
> I am also getting the following error within eclipse in the Add.Java file:
> public class Add extends GPNode....The serializable class Add does not
> declare a static final serialVersionUID field of type long
> Could someone please help me to understand why this is occurring.
> Sincerely,
> Gerard
> I have not included the libraries list since I believe this is unnecessary.