Hi I'm Mario Navas, I'm a student of PUCE (Pontificia Universidad Catolica 
Ecuador). In the last few months I've been learning how to use ECJ. As I'm 
interested in Multi objective genetic algorithms, I have develop a couple of 
examples for Spea2, and I also have added a ScatterPlotStatistics to the 
ec.display.chart package, in order to show how Spea2  optimizes two fitness 
(in my example) at the same time.

I would like you to check it out, And I would take care of any feed back you 
find. I'm also interested in write the source code for other multiobjective 
algorithms. How can I pubish them so if someone is interested in prove it, 
would be able to do it.

I don't have a url or a server to upload it, just an average internet-home 

Regards, and thanks for ECJ, it is really great.

PD: Sorry for my bad spelling.

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