It's great to see a new release of MASON. Do you have an on-line
pointer to a summary of the new features in version 11? (I couldn't
find anything perusing the /projects/mason location).

   BTW, I may have forgotten to point you to our paper last fall
that references your recent MASON work:

   Detecting Coordinated Attacks in Tactical Wireless Networks
   using Cooperative Signature-based Detectors. 2005. Mike Little,
   Calvin Ko. IEEE MILCOM 2005.


Sean Luke wrote:

> The George Mason University Evolutionary Computation Laboratory and  
> Center for Social Complexity announce a new release of the ECJ  
> evolutionary computation library and MASON multiagent simulation  
> toolkit.  Both systems have seen major improvements and revisions  since 
> the last release approximately eight months ago.  The two  systems are 
> also being re-licensed under the Academic Free License  version 3.0.
> ECJ is being released in two versions: a backward-compatable version  
> (14) and a non-backward-compatible version (15) with significant  
> framework revisions.  The dual release will (hopefully) give people  
> some extra time to convert to the new version.  ECJ 14/15 also has  
> numerous bug-fixes, speed improvements, and a new package (spatial  
> embedding).
> ECJ can be found here:
> ECJ CVS access is also available at SourceForge, but  
> has experienced a major hardware failure this past week and CVS  access 
> is not expected for several days at the earliest.
> MASON 11 is a major revision of our multiagent simulator.  It sports  a 
> new charting and tracking facility, several new problem domains,  and a 
> very large number of bug fixes and improvements.
> MASON can be found here:
> Sean Luke