The George Mason University Evolutionary Computation Laboratory and  
Center for Social Complexity announce a new release of the ECJ  
evolutionary computation library and MASON multiagent simulation  
toolkit.  Both systems have seen major improvements and revisions  
since the last release approximately eight months ago.  The two  
systems are also being re-licensed under the Academic Free License  
version 3.0.

ECJ is being released in two versions: a backward-compatable version  
(14) and a non-backward-compatible version (15) with significant  
framework revisions.  The dual release will (hopefully) give people  
some extra time to convert to the new version.  ECJ 14/15 also has  
numerous bug-fixes, speed improvements, and a new package (spatial  

ECJ can be found here:

ECJ CVS access is also available at SourceForge, but  
has experienced a major hardware failure this past week and CVS  
access is not expected for several days at the earliest.

MASON 11 is a major revision of our multiagent simulator.  It sports  
a new charting and tracking facility, several new problem domains,  
and a very large number of bug fixes and improvements.

MASON can be found here:

Sean Luke