One of my students, Yidan Chen, has a Sugarscape model in 3D that runs on 
the terminal, but not as an applet through the browser.  She has paths set 
up to find Java 3D libraries.
  Let us know if you have advice, thanks - Randy Latimer

  The 2D versions 4 and 5 work fine, Version 6 is 3D

html code for the applet:
<!-- To create a new mason.jar file:
   1. Compile your new Java code in your Mason directory,
   2. Use "jar cvf mason.jar mason" (from outside the mason directory) to
create a new mason.jar.
   3. Move this to web-docs where the html file is
<P> SugarScape Model 3D 1
<p><br>And now... in 3D!
<br>What's the significance? Uhm... it looks cool.
<APPLET CODE="sim.display.SimApplet.class" ARCHIVE="../mymason.jar" 
<PARAM NAME=CODE VALUE="sim.display.SimApplet.class" >
<PARAM NAME="type" VALUE="application/x-java-applet;version=1.1">
<PARAM NAME=ARCHIVE VALUE="../mymason.jar" >
<PARAM NAME="Simulation" VALUE="">

<PARAM NAME="Name" VALUE="SugarScape Model">