GPFuncInfo is a vestigial class whose instances are wrappers for  
GPNodes and which sits in arrays in GPFunctionSets.  The idea would  
be to delete GPFuncInfo and directly place the GPNodes directly in  
the arrays.  I had GPFuncInfo there for flexibility's sake, but in  
all this time it's never been used and just complicates things.

Deleting it would require people to make small changes mostly to:
	- custom tree building algorithms
	- custom tree mutators and crossover algorithms

I've made the changes to see what would be required, and more or less  
it's required various classes to delete ".node" in different places  
and to replace GPFuncInfo[] with GPNode[] in various places, and  
that's about it.  Also, I will delete a line in koza.params.

If anyone is using GPFuncInfo and would be seriously affected by its  
removal from ECJ, now is the time to speak up.  Otherwise I'll assume  
everyone's fine with it.