I’ve recently had another result which makes me question the randomness of the numbers being generated by the mersenne twister in MASON.


I’ve got two classes that I am setting up the Mersenne twister in separately, because originally I was getting a series of identical numbers in when trying to use the random numbers from the main class.



public ABCycle(long seed)        {


                        super (new MersenneTwisterFast(seed), new Schedule(5));



ABCycle abc = new ABCycle(System.currentTimeMillis());





MersenneTwisterFast random = new MersenneTwisterFast();


random.setSeed(System.currentTimeMillis() + id);

                        tp = maxTP * random.nextDouble();





Does anything in my code look strange? My results that are emerging have some differentiation between runs, but the standard deviations are miniscule. I feel like one of the randoms is working, but others are not.




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