I'm probably being a bit dense, but i've just fired up the ecj console to
see what i can do with it, and i was wondering-

what can i actually use it to change?
I've managed to chage the rand seed, num of gens etc in the control tab,
but don;t seem to be able to twek eg the pop size (posibly understandably)
or the crossover rate etc

Is there a way of being able to :a) change these parameters in the
console; b) save those changes? etc

is there an M where i can go and RTF how to use the console?


i've also run into grief with the gui - eg on the apps/gui/coevolve2 demo
i get:

any pointers on how to fix this?

and a quesiton from a long time ago - is there a classifier system
demo/example code anywhere i could play with?

and finally finally, does the ecj project accept code contributions from
outside? i am an academic on a course team for a distance education
university, writing a module on evolutionary computation, and am looking
to use ecj. If we do go with it (i need to check the license again,
probably) then our s/w developers may have a tinker with graphiocal 
interfaces for ecj. If they do, i would like to think the code could be
contributed back...

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