I've succeeded at running ECJ experiments in parallel over a DRM 
network. This work can be useful for someone and I'd like share it, 
could I upload my ec.drm package to your servers?

Right now the behaviour it's pre-alpha, but I'll continue working on 
this for some time, don't worry (I'm being paid for it, actually). I 
hope to have a tutorial for it next week.

For the people who doesn't know what DRM is, here goes a little explanation:

The DRM (Distributed Resource Machine, nothing to do with Digital Rights 
Management) was developed a pair of years ago by Mark Jelasity between 
others. It aims to be a p2p network for running java experiments. An 
evolutionary computation library (JEO) was developed for it, and both 
were distributed together as the DREAM project. More information can be 
found in

Since then the project has come mostly unmantained, although used in 
some research groups. The DRM concept was a good idea, being an easy way 
to use a large group of different computers to solve a large experiment. 
Given the superiority of ECJ over JEO I was assigned the task to make 
ECJ experiments run over the p2p DRM network. Also I'll have to make 
many improvements in the DRM behaviour.