evalthreads does not have any impact on the new master-slave  
evaluator.  We support it in the new master-slave just for  
compatibility with the other evaluators.  If I were to use the  
system, I'd set evalthreads=1

As evaluators may come online and crash at any point in time, their  
random seeds are usually set as N+K, where N is a fixed number, and K  
is the number of slaves that have connected up to now to the master.

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On Jan 28, 2006, at 11:17 PM, I Jonyer wrote:

> Liviu (or Sean),
> I have been testing the distributed functionality in ECJ14 beta. I  
> have been playing with the number of evaluation threads and the  
> actual number of clients I am starting up. The number of evaluation  
> threads does not seem to have any effect. The master always accepts  
> all the clients that want to register, never refusing any of them  
> or waiting for more. I like this the way it is, but I am wondering  
> what, if any, role evalthreads plays in this version.
> Also, if I have 10 evalthreads specified, but 20 clients  
> registering, what is the default value of the random seed for those  
> clients which were never specified?
> Thank you,
> Istvan