I think he Alberto might be referring to a line in Evolve.main() that
has a comment that goes something like "//We first make a sacrificial
ParameterDatabase to load the number of jobs to run for." (it is around
line 430 in, but I no longer have a Java version so I am not

Shortly after loading that params db, however, the parameters variable
is reassigned with another call to Evolve.loadParameterDatabase();

I too wondered why, but everything works so I decided against screwing
around with it. The parameters stuff has taken some getting used to,
especially since I had to tinker with it a bit to get it to work in c#.

Alberto, is this the issue to which you were referring?


>I'm sorry, Alberto, your question didn't make any sense.  Could you 
>elaborate or try to rephrase?


>On Jan 19, 2006, at 11:00 AM, Alberto Cuesta wrote:

> Hello.
> In ec.Evolve, why we load the parameter database one time and another?
> I mean, if we are supposed to be cautious with the parameter  database
and not messing with it, pushing and pulling parameters  during runtime,
why don't we just pass the same parameter database  to all jobs?
> Thanks
> Alberto Cuesta