Hello Sean,

> Axel, our current in-house code is working fine with JFreeChart-1.0.
> We may have made updates to the charting code but I don't see any
> specific fixes for JFreeChart changes in our CHANGES file.  Still, if
> you'd like a copy, I'll send you one.
it it is not too much trouble I would be grateful if you could send me
your current version.

Btw., would you mind to comment on my recent other posting where I
wonder if it is possible to use/setup/modify ECJ in such a way that each
individual carries the information of its own mutation rate and that
this information is also subject to mutation and selection.
You might know that from theoretical considerations Eigen (1971) found
out that there is a connection between replication fidelity, q,
selection advantage, s, and the maximal length, N, of a sequence:
N*(1-q) < ln(s) .  Since the selection advantage and size of GP trees
varies during a run, I would seem to be a clear advantage if the
replication fidelity can also change via evolution.

Best regards,