Hello, my name is Alberto Cuesta Caņada and I'm a new subscriber to this
list and a new user oj the ECJ Toolkit.

First of all, congrats for this wonderful library, it's a real good work.

Now, to the meat: I work for the ITI (, a research
institute here in Spain. We are currently working with genetic
programming using JEO, the java evolutionary computing library included
with the DR-EA-M package ( I've
been assigned the task to test both JEO and ECJ, and compare them, as we
are open to change platform if we see it convenient.

The thing is, I'm a newbie using ECJ, so I'd like to ask the users (and
creators) of ECJ what are the things they like (or don't) of it, that
would help me focus on relevant features I would miss otherwise.

Thanks in advance, and cheers,