I am pleased to have already received the response of some people who want
to participate in making modifications to ECJ.  I want to point-out that
my wish is to have a modernized ECJ that can run on personal computers
(Windows or Linux) and more importantly run on Grid servers (like some IBM
related grid service).

I am interested to learn about other platforms that people use ECJ in.

One participant (Harri Salakoski) said to have already ported ECJ on Java
1.5 which is wonderful.  We will surely use his experience when we come to

Always with the agreement of Sean Luke (the custodian of ECJ), I would
agree to open the circle of people participating in the ECJ changes.

One person suggested using CVG (source code control) to do it.  I agree
entirely.   This will secure the updates and will make fixing bugs much

I was asked by Harri Salakoski:  Why not use the ANT expression
<include name="**/*.java" />
instead of listing each sub-directories?

ANSWER:  I wanted to reuse Sean Lukeís list of directory to show him the
ease with which ANT files are used.   There is another deeper reason.
When you make a big change to the code, it is sometimes nice to compile
the project one directory at time.   Using a list of directories in ANT,
you can comment out all but the first directory in the list.  Then run a
compile.   If itís OK you go on and uncomment the second line until the
entire project is compiled.   This incremental way of compile is often

I am interested to learn about other people who have their own private
changes to ECJ.

Colbert Philippe